by R. Garland Gray

March 2004
ISBN: 1-55316-013-4
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Enter a universe where a war of treachery is being waged. A universe where one madmanís quest for revenge will alter the lives of thousands. In Darkscape: The Rebel Lord by R. Garland Gray, we find all the components that make a great space adventure mixed with the honesty and love every romance needs.

Lachlan de Douglas is the first line heir of the Clan Douglas. He is one of a few lines that can trace his familyís origin back to Ancient Earth. Heís fighting the other clans because of a wrenching act of betrayal and lies. As he fights his most persistent enemy, he finds himself depending on a young female combat pilot.

Kimberly Kinsale has been fighting the war as an elite combat pilot. As the killing mounts and her doubts in her commanding officerís sanity increase, Kimberly finds herself questioning the reasons for the war. Soon the time comes when she must decide to honor her commitment to her clan or put her trust in the dark Douglas heir.

Then in a moment of desperation, Lachlan and Kimberlyís lives are changed. Lachlan emerges as something more than what he used to be, to his shame and anger. Kimberly comes to face her own dark time as well. Will their love and trust in each other help bring about the madmanís end and a lasting peace for the clans?

This book is a highly intriguing look at the future. The characters are well-developed and grow through out the story to become stronger at the end. The story is fast paced right to the end. Making peace with all the changes that life throws at them, Kimberly and Lachlan are interesting main characters. While there isnít much resolution as to why the villain did what he did, the rest of the story makes up for that slight flaw. I found myself being caught up in the action, ignoring everything around me as I cheered Lachlan and Kimberly on to victory.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Jenni.

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