by Dee Lloyd

March 2004
ISBN: 1-55316-126-2
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Kit Schofield has decided to change her life. She turns over control of her fatherís company and has to decide what to do with herself next. After the upsetting ending to her marriage a year ago, she has felt out of control. As she heads out of the company headquarters, sheís hit by a van. Suddenly her plans have to be put on hold.

Several months later, sheís out of the hospital and ready to move on in her life. She takes a trip up to Spirit Lake where she is part owner in a resort. Her grandmother and her aunt have been running the resort for Kat. When she stops in Toronto to relax before heading up to the resort, Kat is shot at. It seems someone wants Kat dead.

Bart Thornton has always been a part of Katís life. His father married Katís mother and they grew up together. But for a while now, Bart has realized that his feelings for Kat have changed from that of a step-brother to that of a lover. He has yet to be able to convince Kat that the change in the relationship would be far more pleasing. When he finds out she has headed to Spirit Lake by herself, he follows. Protecting her has become his top priority.

Spending time together at Spirit Lake, Kat and Bart must confront not only their growing feelings for each other, but they must search out the person who is trying to kill Kat. With help from otherworldly sources, they look for answers. But will those answers come too late?

Touches of the paranormal make this an intriguing read. The characters are interesting. The story line doesnít drag. While the mystery is easily solved and the bad guys are obvious, it didnít take away from the entertaining read this book is. Iíd recommend Unquiet Spirits for an enjoyable afternoon read. Youíll never look at the mist rising off a lake the same again.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Jenni.

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