by Ellen Fisher

May 2004
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To Kipling (Kip) Stanton, being labeled as Americaís Hottest Bachelor is more of a curse than an honor. It is really quite tiring to have women throwing themselves at his feet simply because he is a handsome and wealthy man. One of the most popular actors in Hollywood, Kip definitely needs some time away from the limelight. Nothing sounds more relaxing to him than the quiet town of Swift Creek, Virginia. Not only can he keep an eye on his sister, Chrissa, who is attending college there, but he can also take some time to reflect upon his own life.

Maybe that could have happened if his new next-door neighbor, Cody Lang, wasnít curvy in all the right places and an exceptionally nice woman to boot. Nothing shocks him more than Codyís surprising marriage proposal. Apparently Codyís father is coming to town, and in an effort to please him, she lied to him and said she was married.

Whatís even more shocking to Kip is that he agrees to be a part of Codyís scheme. In the process of pretending to be lovers, Cody and Kip fall in love, but Kip hasnít told Cody the truth about who he really is. And when Cody discovers the man she loves isnít who she thought he was, will she still listen to her heart?

Ellen Fisherís Isnít It Romantic is a delightful story. Itís a charming Hollywood twist to the prince who just wants to be accepted as a normal guy. Fisher has created memorable characters in Cody and Kip. They are the perfect couple, playing off each other in an engaging, effortless manner. Although Cody was a bit hypocritical when it came to her anger at Kip neglecting to reveal his own secrets, she was still an extremely interesting character.

The best thing about Isnít It Romantic is that itís an easy, enjoyable read with an entertaining story line. Fisher writes like she creates her characters - splendidly.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Natasha.

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