by Rhyannon Byrd

March 2004
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As she pays for her groceries, Taylor learns from the town whore, aka Wanda (the cashier), that Jake Farrell is back in town. As usual, Wanda is being her mean, bitchy self to Taylor. It was thanks to Wanda that Taylor finally decided to get a divorce from her philandering husband, after catching him in her own bed with the slut. As Taylor is about to leave the counter, after paying for her groceries, she finds herself caged by Jake himself. After he puts Wanda in her place, making Taylor feel like a sex goddess in the process, he helps Taylor back to her car.

It has been ten years since Taylor saw Jake. She never knew why Jake did not like her, but she had liked him, probably more than she should have, and had felt quite wounded when he left town as soon as he graduated high school.

Jake Farrell is definitely back in town, but what Taylor does not know is that this time, he intends to stay until he gets what he has always wanted.

Waiting For It is Rhyannon Byrd`s first book...and she most definitely is making quite an entrance. Ms. Byrd brings us a story of second chances, of love lost and found. Although the main action in the story takes place within a weekend, the author provides enough information and background for the reader to be able to understand where all those strong feelings between the two main characters are coming from. As I was reading, I was quite impressed with the way the narrative in this book flows. Smooth is an adjective that definitely applies to it. Each new scene meshes almost seamlessly into the story. As to the main characters, Taylor and Jake are well rounded, extremely appealing and compelling. They were in love from the moment they first set eyes on each other, but it wasn`t until Taylor divorced, that Jake finally had a chance to come back and claim what he considers rightfully his.

Waiting For It is an intensely erotic and emotional book. The love scenes are frequent, graphic, and satisfying. This is the sort of book that you want to read while having your significant other or your toys readily available. It does have one scene of very mild bondage, but nothing that would bother most lovers of erotic romance. If you enjoy highly erotic contemporary stories, with a heavy dose of emotion thrown in and a beautiful HEA (happily ever after) ending to top it off, give Waiting For It a try. This title belongs in my "keeper" shelf.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Mireya.

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