by Lois Bonde

March 2004
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Catherine McLane is to wed a neighbor she has never meet, giving up her fatherís land that she has handled for the past two years. Though she knows there is nothing she can do, she does seek to postpone the marriage by fleeing the castle in the dead of night. Her hope is to find a man to love her for a while, showing her true passion before having to return home to marry.

Sean Duncan is heading to wed a neighbor girl but he is taking his sweet time about it. He is going to do his duty and hopes to get her with child as soon as possible so that he may leave the land and her. Investigating a noise, Sean finds a woman who is asleep in the saddle and, fearing injury, he quickly un-wraps the morsel in front of him and wakes her the best way.

Dream Knight is a quick story about a woman and man who both have a duty to do but are reluctant to do it. They happen to run into each other and fulfill their dreams together. Their love is quickly achieved and the sex is very hot and plentiful. Ms. Bonde portrays the desperation of both characters, as well as their combined passion and then portrays the sadness as they do what they were supposed to do in such a way that even for such a short story, I felt all the emotions both Catherine and Sean felt. A wonderful and quick read, I recommend Dream Knight to everyone . . . especially lovers of historical romance.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Vikky.

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