by Sherri L. King

March 2004
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Adrian Darkwood, alpha werewolf, is on a mission to find the Source of all werewolves. He ends up in Applecress, Scotland where an Ancient Pack has abided, until now, hidden from every clan around the world. Adrian knew it was his destiny to find them. But he is not sure why they wanted him to be the one to find the original ancestry of all werewolves. Adrian found more than he bargained for in the small town of Applecress. A centuries-old pact called the Gruenwalt had been broken between humans and werewolves resulting in loss of life between the two races.

Mona Kincaid has not spoken to her grandmother for years. One day she receives a phone call from August Finn informing Mona that her grandmother has passed away. He reminds Mona of a legacy she’d always denied. Finn speaks in Gaelic words that compel Mona to travel to Applecress. Once there he tells her more of her duty as Lady of the Clan Kincaid, werewolf hunter. In an attempt to show Finn how outrageous his claim is Mona ventures into the woods alone at night. There she is attacked by one wolf and saved by another.

Adrian watches Mona from that moment on. As suddenly as that, he knows he has met his mate. Priorities change for him. Convincing Mona they were meant to be is not easy for the enigmatic Adrian. Mona is a strong-willed, independent woman of her time and she doesn’t accommodate his alpha personality readily. Circumstances get rather complicated for him. He must help Mona accept her heritage and the responsibilities that come along with it, as well as save her from the oldest werewolf pack gone feral.

Author Sherri L. King takes tall, dark and handsome to a whole new level. Moonlust: Feral Heat is hot, hot, hot. This is my first reading of anything by Ms. King. Afterwards, I went looking for more titles by her. I found out that Feral Heat is book four in the Moonlust series. While book four can stand alone I definitely want to catch up on this series. Adrian is a to-die-for hero and Mona is a sassy, tell-it-like-it-is heroine. Readers will be ensnared by the fast-paced, illustrative writing of Ms. King, not to mention the fiery chemistry between her irresistible main characters. If you are a fan of paranormal romances that sizzle you must read the Moonlust series by Sherri L. King. I know this one is going on my keeper shelf.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Rho.

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