by Melani Blazer

March 2004
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When her plane crashes in the Sudan, Julia Haverstock canít believe what is happening to her. Chased by wild leopards, she passes out. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a strange town where there is only one man who speaks English, Salvatore DeMartino. But is he the savior she wants to think he is?

Sal needs to keep his real reason for making Julia stay a secret. How would the beautiful woman react if he told her that he could change into a leopard? A genetic research gone wrong, Sal accidentally injected himself with infected leopard blood. Now, he may find himself stuck in leopard form forever, if he canít find the cure to the problem.

As Julia and Sal become lovers, he realizes that he needs her help to save him. But will the beautiful survivor willingly believe his outrageous story? Or, will she run away from him and the love that is beginning to build between them?

With an exotic setting for steamy love scenes and page turning action, Legend of the Leopard entertains us with great characters searching for the one thing everyone wants-love. Sal is struggling with the beast inside him. Heís trying to tame it while dealing with the unexpected joy of Julia. Julia is dealing with grief and shock, but sheís a survivor and manages to become strong in herself. As a secondary character, Paolo, Salís nephew, is a great catalyst to the changes going on in Julia and Salís relationship.

If exotic cats and hot Italian men are your cup of tea, pull up a seat and open up Melani Blazerís newest book. You wonít be disappointed.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Jenni.

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