by Lena Austin

March 2004
ISBN: 1-59596-002-3
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Andre watches as his wife wilts, drifting into severe depression. After a serious car accident, Claudia can`t stand up for long periods of time. Her career as a hair dresser is over and she knows it. Although they are well-off, financially speaking, that does not solve the problem of her lack of motivation to undergo extensive rehabilitation.

As Andre is lost in his thoughts early one morning, Dante Adams knocks at their door to see if they will let him use their bathroom and seeking Andre`s help to fix his car. He tells Andre that his car broke down and since he is now out of a job he can`t afford a mechanic. When Dante tells Andre that he is a live-in medical companion, Andre sees an answer to his prayers right in front of him and makes Dante a proposal that he can`t resist.

Lena Austin`s Room to Play is her first offering through newcomer e-publisher Changeling Press. This contemporary short story is highly erotic and quite realistically written. I was impressed with the dialogue exchanges between the two male leads in the book. It "felt" real, which is something I truly appreciate in a contemporary story. The handling of the menage-a-trois situation and the m/m scene is also well done. I found the whole scenario to be extremely arousing. The plot is well rounded and complete, although I would love to see the relationship between the three main characters further developed in future stories (yes, this is a blatant attempt at a hint for a sequel.*g*). I look forward to Lena Austin's future titles and certainly recommend Room to Play to those of you who fancy truly erotic rides.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Mireya.

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