by Dara Joy

May 1995
ISBN: 0-505-52265-9
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Mass Market Paperback

This has to be the ultimate fantasy: a gorgeous blond alien arrives in your living room and announces he's come to offer you his protection, guardianship and body, not necessarily in that order. Yes please, I'll take two.

Deana Jones, however, isn't so sure that this is a good idea. Sure, her life is going quietly down the toilet, and she's got nothing in particular to cling to on Earth, but finding herself swept through the space-time continuum in the arms of Lorgin, Knight of the Charl, is still a pretty amazing experience. And it only gets better in this delightful futuristic romance from the very talented pen of Dara Joy.

Transplanting characters from their own familiar environment into a different one is always a fruitful plot device, and here Deana Jones travels the Universe with her own special cosmic hunk - suffering caffeine withdrawal and vainly hunting for an alien food that can replace a donut! There's a quest involved - of course - travels across (and under) the surfaces of inhospitable planets, and encounters with wonderfully varied life forms, many of whom would like to buy Deana for one reason or another. Wildest of all may be Lorgin's brother Rejar, a purring sensualist (and if you want to know what that means, read Dara Joy's Rejar - he gets a story all of his own).

From the early scenes where Lorgin defends Deana from a killer microwave oven, through the sci-fi convention (where Lorgin is made to feel right at home), to the tree-house on Lorgin's homeworld, Dara Joy writes this delightful romance with a deft touch of whimsical humor along with a whopping helping of steamy sensuality. When it comes to bedroom behavior, Lorgin has the competition beaten, stomped into the ground, buried and forgotten. Yes, he makes Deana's body sing (arias from Italian opera might be a distinct possibility), but even then their romance is not without its bumps and rough patches. Whether in her own home in Massachusetts or a cave on a distant planet, Deana's basic humanity still remains strong, along with her self-doubt and other character flaws. This only makes her more believable to the reader, however, and she is the perfect contrast to the wonderful Lorgin, who is almost too good to be true. (Well, of course, he isn't... true that is... but we'd love to think that somewhere... some far-off nebula...)

This book is a must-have for any futuristic romance reader, and a definite recommendation for anyone who loves a dash of fun with their romances, be they earthbound or galactic in scope. As mentioned above, Rejar by Dara Joy, continues the story of the Krue brothers.

Reviewed in December 2001 by Celia.

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