by Sherryl Woods

March 2004
ISBN: 0-373-24597-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1597
Mass Market Paperback

Richard Carlton is a by the book businessman who makes little time in his life for fun. When he and his brothers Mack and Ben lost their parents as youngsters his Aunt Destiny came home from her fun, carefree life in France to raise her young nephews. Destiny has taught the young men everything that they need to succeed in life. Now she feels they need to find someone and settle down. So the matchmaking begins.

Melanie Hart owns her own PR firm and when her friend Destiny recommends Melanie to Richard to help his business and help start his political campaign Melanie is overjoyed. This will be her biggest account and will help her firm become one of the top firms in the area.

The first meeting between the two doesn’t go exactly as planned and Richard thinks Melanie is a total klutz. Not one to be detoured from her plan, Aunt Destiny soon has Melanie traveling to the family’s getaway cabin with Richards’s favorite foods in tow to try and make a better impression.

Richard is attracted to Melanie and he is tired of his aunt’s matchmaking. He soon convinces Melanie that Destiny is indeed matchmaking and has her going along with his plan to convince his aunt that they are a couple so Destiny will think her plan is successful. This would all work out fine if Richard could just stop thinking about kissing Melanie and wondering what it might be like if she were his fiancée for real.

Sherryl Woods has started her Million Dollar Destinies series on a very high note. She is one of the best authors at creating family series and the Carltons should prove to be a great success for her. Richard and Melanie are likeable and will have the reader anxious to see how they get to their happy ending.

The cast of secondary characters helps round out this story nicely. We are introduced to Richard’s brothers Mack and Ben who will get their own stories in the next two books in this trilogy. Aunt Destiny is perhaps the most intriguing character though and she too will get her romance in a single title MIRA release in June. Ms. Woods’ fans will be greatly rewarded with Isn’t It Rich, the start of what is sure to be a highly entertaining series from this most talented author.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Barbara.

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