by Karen Ranney

July 2004
ISBN: 0-380-82108-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

In the fifth book of the Highland Lords series, we are treated to the emotional story of Douglas MacRae and his journey to finding love and peace after so many years.

When Douglas was seventeen, he loved a beautiful French girl named Jeanne. They believed their love would last forever. Her father couldn’t keep them apart for everyone knows that love conquers all. Until a horrible act of betrayal destroyed Douglas’ love and he turned his back on France.

Jeanne du Marchand had loved Douglas with all her heart. She had given him everything. In one moment her naďve world came crashing down when her father discovered she was going to have Douglas’ child. The instant her child was taken from her, her world ended.

Now, they meet again in Edinburgh. Douglas has made a fortune for himself. He has tried to forget the young French girl he loved. The only times he thinks of her are when he remembers his anger. All he longs for is revenge. Jeanne has spent the last ten years paying for her fall from grace. Having made it through the Revolution, she vows to survive each day until God sees fit to end her life. All she longs for is peace.

Peace is hard to come by for the couple as they reunite. Will the passion they’ve rediscovered in each other’s arms survive the harsh questions that need to be asked? Will the answers that are given make them trust in each other or drive them farther apart? As the past converges to force the present, Douglas and Jeanne must come to terms with their love and loss.

Ms. Ranney does a wonderful job bringing to life the city of Edinburgh. Her characters aren’t young. They’ve lived and suffered. It shows in their ability to deal with the obstacles she throws at them. The reader is drawn into the characters’ emotions. Tears will be shed for both Jeanne and Douglas as they tell of their trials and their love. Cheers will sound as Jeanne takes those small steps to begin hoping in love again. Douglas’ daughter, Margaret, is an entertaining secondary character. Maybe she will have her own story one day.

So In Love is a satisfying story about love lost and found. It will give the reader hope for happy endings a second time around.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Jenni.

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