by Tina St. John

June 2004
ISBN: 0-345-45994-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Ivy Books
Mass Market Paperback

Are you looking for a fine medieval romance, filled with strong characters and a good dose of magic? Then look no further than Heart of the Hunter by Tina St. John. This finely written romance is sure to deliver just what you require.

Ariana of Clairmont is on a quest. She must gain passage to France and bring her brother’s research to the men who hold him hostage. Accompanied by her father’s man-at-arms, she knows that the trip will be dangerous, but she has no choice. Kenrick is the only family she has left.

When her sailing arrangement becomes a battle for life and death, a lone knight comes to her aid. Braedon le Chasseur is scarred and battle weary. His soul is filled with pain and he prefers solitude. When he is faced with abandoning the young woman, he cannot, and grudgingly agrees to assist her to France. As her story, and the reason for her travel are revealed, the man known as The Hunter learns that he must accompany her for reasons of his own.

This is a dark tale filled with black magic. Kenrick’s research has uncovered secrets to immense power. As power corrupts, those who wish to possess it will stop at nothing. A mere girl should be no challenge. When her protector’s identity becomes known, then The Hunter becomes the hunted. He must use his own magical heritage to stop the evil intentions of Ariana’s pursuers.

Ms. St. John has written a fine book. It has strong and memorable characters. Even the villains are interesting. The passion that flares between Ariana and Braedon is sensual and fills the pages with heat. Both of them have been hurt in the past, and the love that grows has the power to heal. With the ultimate quest left unfinished, I believe that we will have at least one more book to enjoy, probably with Kenrick of Clairmont in the forefront.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Paula.

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