by Marne Davis Kellogg

July 2004
ISBN: 0-312-30381-5
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Trade Paperback

Retired jewel thief extraordinaire, Kick Keswick and her new husband Thomas Curtis, lately retired head of Scotland Yard, live an incongruous but happy and idyllic existence in their own quaint French countryside farm. Trouble comes to their paradise one day when Thomas inexplicably returns to his old job taking with him all of Kick’s loot. Kick is further angered and devastated to learn that another thief has been stealing famous jewels and using her Kick’s, signature techniques and implicating her in this whole ghastly affair.

Determined to prove her innocence as well as to uncover who the copycat is, Kicks sets off on a journey across the Continent’s well-known watering holes for the rich and the famous, finding myriad suspects, countless motives, sampling some very tasty food and wine, but unfortunately finding no proof. Knowing that any jewel thief worth his salt would undoubtedly attempt to steal the world’s biggest diamond, the Millennium Star, Kick hatches a devious scheme to foil the imitator, as well as take the diamond for herself. But when Thomas arrives to protect the diamond, what will happen to Kick then?

Marne Davis Kellogg’s entertaining account of the exciting life and career of Kick Keswick, notorious jewel thief, takes the readers on an opulently luxurious journey, traversing some of the world’s most famous and beautiful locales, especially the French and Italian Rivieras. Savoring culinary delights and exquisite wines while giving the readers a crash course on gems and how to steal them using some Bond-style gadgets, Kick is unique not only in her charm, style and maturity but also her delightful flair for stealing and deep love of jewels. This sophisticated, well-plotted yarn, is only somewhat tarnished by the author giving away a key suspenseful point much before the ending. The romantic angle is somewhat suppressed by the more dominant theme of jewel stealing, but it is undoubtedly a motivating factor in the general theme of the book. Irresistible, elegant and atypical, “Priceless” is a gem of a read!

Reviewed in June 2004 by Rashmi.

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