by Dara Joy

May 1995
ISBN: 0-505-52265-9
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Mass Market Paperback

The first time I read this book I laughed, the second time I read this book I laughed, the third time I read this book I laughed even more. What I really wanted to say here is that no matter how many times I read this book it is still as enjoyable as the first time, maybe even more so as I know what is coming and still giggle before I get to it.

Dara Joy has a unique gift; her writing is filled with humor and with the way Knight Of A Trillion Stars is written you can easily visualize the story as you go along. I can just see Lorgin, our "alien", rushing through the house to destroy the evil microwave, saving us all from the cooking popcorn. Or watching him strut from the room male superiority secure. Then you have Deana, our heroine, determined to move aside for Lorgin's real mate, because obviously she just couldn't be the right girl even though she is addicted to just about everything about him, as he is to her.

It is very hard to pinpoint parts of this book because it is always on the move and something is always happening. Not only do we have various quests that need to be fulfilled, we also have the developing closeness between Lorgin and Deana. The love scenes between these two are electric and filled with a sensual heat that leaps off the pages - definitely cold shower time!

Knight Of A Trillion Stars is the first book in the Matrix of Destiny Series; so there isn't just one story, there are many stories very skillfully intertwined, leaving you guessing as to which one will be told next. And believe me you will want to read the future stories.

If we were allowed to give a book a higher rating than 5 stars I would definitely give it to this book. Not only does Dara Joy deliver a fast, funny and sexy story she also leaves us with the promise of more. If you want a feel good story that completely takes you away from this reality and into another then this is the book for you. If I were ever allowed to step into a story, as the heroine of course, it would be this one. I mean what more could you ask for - quests, magic, mind blowing sex and a man who is dedicated completely to your happiness. Yes I know it's fiction, but it is definitely my kind of fiction.

Reviewed in December 2001 by Julie.

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