by Georgina Gentry

March 2004
ISBN: 0-8217-7403-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

In the Fall of 1861, Twilight Dumont has already been a victim of the Civil War. Her husband has been killed and their Virginia plantation has been burned down. She feels she has no choice, but to accept her step-brother Harvey's offer to move to the Indian Territory and help him run his sutler's store near a fort. Once there, she realizes Harvey is more interested in his own greedy plans than Twilight's welfare. She can understand why the Indians have no love for the whites, especially Southerners who forced them out of the South during The Trail of Tears. Now Indian tribes are being forced to take sides with the Yankees or the Rebels, often pitting old friends and family members against each other.

Twilight has less than Southern lady thoughts when she first meets Creek warrior, Yellow Jacket. He is also impressed with her beauty, but even more so with her nursing skills. Twilight accidentally becomes a hostage as Yellow Jacket and his tribe make battle plans. She is pulled into a harrowing journey that tests her courage, but brings unexpected passion.

Part Two of To Tame a Rebel is the story of Jim Eagle, a Cherokee who has joined the Confederacy. After his unit, the Cherokee Mounted Rifles, captures a Union supply boat, he discovers that one of the soldiers is actually a young Cherokee woman. April Grant is a half-breed and only wants to get back East, but must find a spy and traitor and she is not sure on which side. Jim is not sure if April is a spy or the "camp follower" she claims to be. As things deteriorate for the Rebel cause, Jim must make many difficult choices.

Georgina Gentry tells a meticulously researched story of the people of Five Civilized Tribes, who fought bravely on both sides in the Civil War, which is heartbreaking in light of events that happened afterwards when they lost their lands. To Tame A Rebel is still ultimately two interconnected stories of how love can triumph. The heroines are strong yet tender women who learn life often leads you on a much different path than you expected. The heroes are strong, but have to deal with past issues and fears for the future. There is plenty of passion that blends seamlessly into the poignant stories.

To Tame A Rebel is sure to be a new favorite for Ms. Gentry's fans and win her new ones.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Roberta.

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