by Judith A. Lansdowne

March 2004
ISBN: 0-8217-7423-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

William Thorne, the Duke of Berinwick, surveys his country estate with pride and satisfaction. He is powerful and successful. His faithful retainers cater to his every whim. His lands prosper and he has several young wards in various stages of education. His heart aches with loneliness. He yearns for the love of a wife and family, both out of his reach. His scarred countenance and fierce reputation keep his dreams at bay.

When Julia Delacroix and her cousin, Emma Merriweather, arrive at the Park Lane home of the duke, they are dismayed to discover that he has left for the country. Julia had hoped to sell a family trinket to the duke, since she was told that he collected the strange lion-like sculptures. Julia needs the additional funds to give Emma a season, so that she can find a suitable husband. Then Julia can go forward with her own plans. When the duke’s ward, George Warren, offers to accompany them to Blackcastle, she is wary but agrees. She really must settle things as soon as possible. There is much to be done.

Thus begins a delightful tale about strong-willed people who have guarded their hearts for a long time. Just Impossible has all of the elements of a classic romance. Well-drawn characters, interesting plot, strong emotions and a dose of humor make this novel a great escape.

I understand that this book is the third in a set, but I did not have any trouble at all following the storyline. Ms. Lansdowne’s skill as an author is quite evident. She gives the reader just the right amount of information. She does not rehash the other books, but also does not assume that you have read them. And even though there is nothing more than a kiss within the pages, more is not necessary. It is all completely natural and true to the characters themselves. Just Impossible will be a fine addition to your summer reading book bag. I think I will go hunting for Just In Time and Just Perfect!

Reviewed in May 2004 by Paula.

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