by Michelle Fronheiser

March 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-427-5
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Its been a rough year for Jasmine Raine, first her best friend is killed by gang members while supposedly under the protection of the Baltimore Police department and then just when she thought her life was getting better, she witnesses a drive-by shooting. She is sure she didnít see anything, plus she doesnít trust the police to keep her safe, not after what happened to her friend Angela. After all, its not like there werenít other witnesses, like the woman who looked so much like her, they could have been twins, identical twins.

Sheriff Vincent Devereaux has been trying to catch these killers for two years. After they gunned down his family, his pregnant wife and twin sons, he is determined to bring them to justice. With a witness, now he is sure he can catch them and lay his family to rest. But she keeps insisting that she didnít see anything. Not knowing her history, Vincent vows to protect her and hopes that she will eventually remember what happened. What he didnít count on was that Jasmine would heal his wounded soul and help him to love again.

Itís said that everyone in the world has a double, a Doppelganger. Jasmines is actually the other half of her soul. Evil, she is determined to gain enough power to take over Jasmines life. But first she has to defeat the most powerful emotion in the world, Love. Who will win this fight between good and evil?

Vincent and Jasmine are volatile, angry and afraid of the world. Jasmine is afraid to trust the police to protect her and Vincent is afraid to love again, because the first time ended in pain and sorrow. Both of them are quick to lash out at the other without letting the other one explain. While the premise of a doppleganger and the drive by shootings was interesting, it took a back seat to the supposed romance. Vincent did a lot of yelling and Jasmine did a lot of sulking. The conclusion of the mystery of the shooters, which incidentally is supposed to be the main focus was rushed. All in all, Twin Deceptions was an okay read.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Carolyn.

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