by Cheryln Jac

August 1994
ISBN: 0-7860-0035-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Pinnacle
Mass Market Paperback

With Christine Feehan's vampire books so popular, it is rather interesting to see who her predecessors are and to read what they have to offer.

In Cheryln Jac's Night's Immortal Kiss, Rachel Domecq, looking for her missing twin brother, arrives at the Sans Souci plantation, home of the Beaumondier family, only to be greeted by three generations of very pale women, an eerie butler and Alexandre.

Coming face to face with Alexandre Beaumondier, she not only experiences an attraction out of this world but also visions of a past involving him and calling to her.

Strange happenings at the plantation, psychic calls from her brother, and an uncanny likeness to Alexandre's former love, Rachel finds herself enchanted by him which keeps her bound to the place and, and at the same time, in danger.

Alexandre, having lived for centuries and with the last two in mourning of his lost love, fights his family to keep Rachel secure, not knowing that it had been their plotting all along that had entrapped Rachel into his world.

With Night's Immortal Kiss, Cheryln Jac lures her reader into a story rich and seductive with a love that is powerful and spellbinding. Set in New Orleans, just as in Anne Rice's vampire books, Ms. Jac's narrative holds the readers' attention and fascination. She creates an atmosphere heavy in seductive heat, smells and sensual rhythm.

If you like a tortured hero, bats, midnight walks, black cats and an eerie run-down building hidden away behind dead vegetation, go and immerse yourself in Night's Immortal Kiss. I was pleasantly surprised and recommend this book highly, not only to all the vampire fans, but also especially to the ones looking for a tortured hero and his equal.

Reviewed in September 2001 by Kris Alice.

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