by Karen Robards

June 1995
ISBN: 0-446-30617-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lady Amanda Rose Culver loved taking nightly walks along the beach nearby the convent she lived in to escape the tedium of her everyday life. However, Amandaís life gained more excitement than she ever expected or wanted when she found escaped convict Matthew Grayson lying wounded and near death on the beach. Despite fearing for her life, Amanda took one look into Mattís eyes and knew she couldnít leave him there to die.

When Matt awoke to Amandaís beautiful face above him, he thought she was an angel. However, even though she seemed to have a heart as beautiful as her appearance, with his past experience with women, he knew she must be too good to be true. Thatís why when all signs pointed at Amandaís betrayal of him Matt didnít question his instincts.

Even though Matt was convicted of murder, Amanda knew that he would never harm her. However, Matt had wounded Amandaís heart by believing she had turned him over to the authorities when she was actually trying to save him. When Amanda then found herself kidnapped and bound on a ship for the States, with Matt as the captain, she vowed to make him believe her innocence no matter what the cost.

Amanda Rose is a great, fast-paced, hard to put down novel! From the very beginning, the reader is caught up in Mattís fight for his life and the trials Amanda faces with her half-brother and in the convent. Although the story holds no real surprises, it is impossible not to get caught up in how the love story evolves between Matt and Amanda. I found the characters very likeable, with believable actions and reactions.

Although the reader may find it a bit exasperating that Matt wonít believe Amandaís avowals of innocence, it is a believable misunderstanding when taking into account Mattís past. The only criticisms I would have regarding Amanda Rose was that I felt the ending was wrapped up too quickly. Although it is alluded to, we are never told if Mattís murder charges were dropped or if Amandaís social standing ever improves. However, the readerís very interest in these unanswered questions only proves how thoroughly the story of Amanda and Matt captures our hearts!

Reviewed in February 2002 by Nicole.

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