by Vivi Anna

March 2004
ISBN: 1-55410-090-9
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Red never stayed in the same place for long. She traveled too much to call any place home except for the inns and pubs she happens to come across. She’d become quite a legend as a bounty hunter. She was tough and mean. Whether it was fighting the Pig brothers or pursuing the one responsible for the death of her Grandmother, Red had one thing on her mind. Dispose of them before they disposed of her. A life spent stalking her prey left little room for friends. The emptiness, the soulless feeling inside was the company she kept. Her innocence was ripped from her at the tender age of twelve. Red knew from experience that caring only invited sorrow. The land had plenty enough of that to go around tenfold.

Wolf is the man Red saw pull the bloody knife from her Grandmother’s chest. That day spurred a series of events that robbed her of everything she held dear. The years spent in training, the planning, all would culminate in one deed. If it took the rest of her life she would exact her revenge and then Wolf would die.

Red was not an easy person to convince. One would think rescuing her from certain death, on more than one occasion, would have earned Wolf a chance to present the truth to Red. Over the past seven years she’d honed her skills. She was lightening fast as well as clever. Even so, he felt confident against her capabilities. However, the hatred she felt for Wolf would be an unyielding wall hard to overthrow. It will take more than himself to set everything right. Red had to know the truth. She must come to terms with the fact the she is the one to fulfill the prophecy. A prophecy that will destroy the Brothers Grimm and restore the land to its former glory.


Blood Red is a violent, dark romance with a bevy of familiar characters. Don’t be expecting your childhood legends to be the same in this adventurous rendering by author Vivi Anna. At times quite humorous, Blood Red nevertheless will leave the reader feeling satisfied at the end. Love conquers all in this timeless tale of the battle between good and evil. If you can chuckle away the hero ‘marking his territory’ then you will be able to sigh with delight when good triumphs over all. The sex scenes are so hot that the pages all but smoke. Readers be warned that there are same-sex love scenes as well as a multiple partner scene.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Rho.

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