by Leanne Burroughs

December 2003
ISBN: 0-9746249-0-X
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During the Scottish campaign for independence, love and betrayal walked hand-in-hand. In Leanne Burroughsí Highland Wishes we find a couple who must learn to heal the wounds of the past and embrace the future with loving hearts.

Grant Drummond seeks revenge on the man he feels betrayed his father to his death. After completing his mission, he decides to take a young girl captive. Grant isnít sure why he kidnaps the girl, but he drags her kicking and screaming all the way back to his home in Scotland. Even though she is English and hated among his clan, Grant canít help feeling an attraction for her. He becomes even more attached to her the more he spends time with her. Then he finds out sheís the daughter of the man he killed. Is there any way he could come to tolerate the English maid?

Victoria Blackstone is running away from her fatherís cruelty when Grant Drummond kidnaps her. She has endured a lifetime of pain and humiliation from her father. She doesnít expect Grant and his clan to be any different. In the beginning, she is mistreated and hated. She starts to thaw their icy hearts as time passes. The young clan chieftain makes her body tingle and her heart pound. Having come to expect nothing but pain from men, will Victoria lower her walls enough to let Grant show her how love can heal her hurts?

As Victoria and Grant struggle with their emotions and dreams, the cloud of war is slowly covering the Highlands of Scotland. Will their forbidden love survive the hate that threatens to tear them apart?

As you read the story of Grant and Victoria, you slowly become immersed in it. The cadence of the language helps make the world of Scotland come alive. You canít help but feel for Victoria as she reveals what her life was like with her father. She is a strong character in many ways trying to survive the best she can. Her constant running away from Grant and her inability to believe anything he says to her tends to bog the story down though. Grant is a shining example of men during his time. While he does have his soft side, his condescension towards her doesnít help his profession of love ring true. The misunderstandings this couple has helps to draw out the story far longer than necessary. The secondary characters are entertaining. Itís interesting to learn about the famed William Wallace and his lesser-known counter-part, Andrew deMoray. It is much more the historical aspect of this story that shines brighter than the romance.

Highland Wishes by Leanne Burroughs is an intriguing look into a turbulent time during Scottish history.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Jenni.

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