by Liz Maverick

October 2004
ISBN: 0-451-21300-9
Reviewer Graphic Button New American Library
Trade Paperback

Whatís a girl to do when sheís dumped by her boyfriend, quits her job and has to move back with her parents? She makes plans with her best friends and heads to Antarctica to find herself.

Clarissa Schneckberg canít believe it. Sheís been expecting her boyfriend to propose for months now and he hasnít stepped up to the plate yet. Sheís quit her job instead of letting them fire her. Thereís a feeling of just drifting along on her nice comfortable life, but all that changes when her boyfriend dumps her instead of asking the question and she has to move home to her parentsí.

Her friends pull her out of her wallowing self-pity. They are all looking for some changes in their lives, so they sign up to work on the station in Antarctica. They are thinking of all the men they will meet to help Clarissa get over her breakup. She hopes to make a turn around and become a different person.

Arriving on the ice, she realizes there is a lot more to this job than she was expecting. Having always been a follower, will Clarissa find the strength to become a leader? Will she get over her boyfriend and find another man to take his place?

While Antarctica isnít a setting we usually see in a romance novel, the rest of the story is your typical story of a girl finding herself with the help of her girlfriends. Clarissa is a rather shallow character who is beaten down with self doubt. Unfortunately, there is no feel of growing within her. I didnít think she would really change her ways when she got back to civilization. There is no romance to speak of in the book. Itís definitely just a woman trying to find herself and discovering she doesnít need a man to make her happy. Most of the secondary characters could have been more interesting if we got a chance to see them. There are funny moments with a seal, a penguin and two documentary directors.

Adventures of an Ice Princess might end up leaving the reader feeling cold and flat.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Jenni.

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