by Michael Weinreb

May 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25056-8
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Trade Paperback

Girl Boy Etc., is written by a man and is the story of his dating life. It is unique in that it is the first time Iíve read a book classified as a romance written by a man. I know that there are male romance writers, but I personally have yet to knowingly read one.

Girl Boy Etc., is basically a collection of essays written in first person. As previously stated these essays are very similar to a journal and detail the authorís life experiences with special attention directed to his dating life. I do believe each essay could be considered a stand alone story, yet they do all tie together to give the reader a complete picture of dating in the new millennium.

One essay entitled All I Know About It, details a clandestine affair the author had while studying in Russia. Is he in love with the girl heís dating before he leaves for his month in Russia, or is he in love with the girl he meets upon his arrival in Russia? Do your feelings change according to the moments of your life? Meaning when you know big changes are coming do your hormones change because of them? In Russia, the author starts an affair with a girl named Shelby. Shelby however still has an attachment to a boyfriend in the States. I believe that because of the romance of being in Russia the relationship flourishes more so than it would if they had met in the states. Once in the states they meet on the sly for awhile, but reality slips into the relationship, and they both move on. The author is back to looking for love in all the wrong places, and Shelby returns to her boyfriend.

The author is consistent throughout Girl Boy Etc. in falling for what might be the right girl, but at the very wrong time. Girl Boy Etc. is an interesting read if you want to know how the male of the species might be feeling about dating and love. Itís also a good book to hand to your boyfriend or husband so that he might gain a better understanding about his feelings towards love and commitment. If nothing else it will give you both something to talk aboutÖa romance that youíve now both read.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Sandi.

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