by Lisa Renee Jones

March 2004
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Heather Cameron has spent half of her adult life trying to figure out if she was in lust or love with her brotherís friend Jason Alexander. What she does know is that his face and various other parts are what she sees in every nighttime fantasy she has ever had. Of course Heather always did have a good imagination.

Heather is all grown up now but once she returns home she realizes as soon as Jason walks in the door that her feelings for him are still as strong as ever. Heather soon discovers that Jason was having some naughty thoughts of his own during their time together.

Heather and Jason end up sharing a very heated kiss and fulfil each other's fantasies in a night that neither one will soon forget. However in the light of day, Jason seems to have doubts about what his friend will think about him seducing his little sister. He soon decides it would be best to quit before things get more serious than they already are.

Heather canít decide if she wants to kill Jason or curl up and cry. When a mutual friend gives Heather the idea of putting herself up for auction at a local fundraising event, she thinks it may be the perfect opportunity to show Jason just what he is missing.

You wonít want to miss the humorous yet heated exchanges that take place between Heather and Jason in this particular e-book. I found myself reaching for a glass of ice water during certain parts of this story as this author really did a good job of turning up the heat.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Shelby.

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