by Ginna Gray

April 2004
ISBN: 0-7783-2032-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Olivia Jones gets the chance of a lifetime when she goes to bid on a decorating job for the old Mallenegua, a huge stone mansion that is being restored on Mallen Island off the coast of South Carolina near where she grew up. It has been fourteen years since Olivia fled South Carolina with less than a thousand dollars and a broken heart, but in that time she has healed and turned herself into a successful businesswoman.

Once Olivia arrives on the ghostly island she is shocked to discover her ex-husband Joe Connally. Just seeing Joe brings back all the painful memories of the young girl who was, after all, only the maid’s daughter in Joe’s prestigious household. She will never forget giving herself to Joe in the front seat of his car and then calling him a month later at college to tell him she was pregnant. She often wondered what would have happened if she hadn’t miscarried the baby and given his mother the perfect chance to pay her to get out of her son’s life.

Once Olivia and Joe realize that they harbor no hard feelings, Olivia starts to work on turning Mallenegua into the showpiece that it once was. However it is not long after she moves into the mansion and starts the job that she begins to receive messages warning her to get off the island. Determined to stay and finish the job she started, she has no idea that her own life is at risk if she doesn’t heed the warnings.

Once I started this ghostly love story, I was hooked. I loved the history that Olivia and Joe shared and how they both came to realize that there were many misunderstandings about the past that they would need to overcome in order to face their future. Gray did an absolutely wonderful job with descriptions in this book and I felt that I was actually roaming the rooms of the mansion myself. Now is the time for this reviewer to go pull all her other Ginna Gray books out of the to be read pile and devour them.

“When the fog rolls in and the pale moon rises over Mallen Island, God help those foolhardy enough to venture near.”

Reviewed in April 2004 by Shelby.

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