by Kate Hill

Septemeber 2001
ISBN: 1-929034-57-1
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This is my first time reading Kate Hill and my first time reviewing an e-book. It is a good story surprisingly easy to read in e-book format.

The heroine, Charlie, is a feisty modern young woman. The hero, Jocelyn, is a centuries old vampire. He regards himself as having a job to do, which is to track down Edrik the evil vampire.

Edrik is so evil he sent shivers down my spine each time he appeared in the story. He first appears when he attacks Charlie. Jocelyn came to her rescue and got hurt in the process. Charlie is instantly attracted to this slightly built young man with long golden hair. Not the usual description given to vampires in paranormal books. This immediately got my interest as this young man could almost be described as beautiful yet the author soon makes the reader aware that he is a strong man with amazing martial arts skills.

Charlie feels a strong attraction to him but he refuses to let himself be drawn to her as he refuses to acknowledge having any strong emotions other than hate for Edrik. The reason that hate is so strong emerges as the story progresses.

This is no simple romance. The characters are strong and some of the vampire scenes are brutal in their intensity. If you have a weak stomach this book is definitely not for you! But if you like your stories with strong passion, heart stopping heroes and plenty of action then I highly recommend this book.

Ms Hill also weaves a deeply profound story into the action and the reader becomes very involves with the characters.

Charlie has to spend a lot of time with Jocelyn, as she is the one he has chosen to pass his knowledge to. This leads to some highly emotional scenes between them.

Ms Hill knows her folklore well and has done a lot of research to make the story even more interesting. There is a lot of history in the chapters as Jocelyn fills Charlie in with his background.

I really enjoyed this book as it gave so much to the reader. I give it five stars as it entertained me so well.

Reviewed in December 2001 by Mary.

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