by Kate Hill

March 2004
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Art student, Charlie, is about to be attacked when she is saved by a rather strange man. Once he tells her who he is and what is expected of her, Charlieís life shifts into one of danger and intrigue. She begins to train at the hands of handsome Jocelyn and begins to fall for him. However, he refuses to allow their attraction to progress.

Jocelyn is a six hundred year old vampire who has spent most of his life with only one goal, find the evil Edrik and kill him. In order to do that, he needs the ring that Charlie was given by her grandmother and for her to help him with the incantations. Their attraction to each other is unacceptable, but how can a man turn away from the only person to treat him like a human and not a monster.

Darkness Therein is the sixth book in Kate Hillís Ancient Blood series. However, I believe you donít need to have read the others to understand this one, as I hadnít. Charlie is a strong, determined and powerful woman. She knows what she wants and sets out to achieve her goal. Jocelyn, despite his light coloring, is a dark, brooding vampire. At times I became annoyed with him. While I understand his background and why he acted the way he did, I found it to be too much for my taste, he needed to loosen up a bit. However; he is a strong, formidable foe as he takes on the evil vampire and saves his lady love. If you enjoy brooding men and determined women as well as an intricate story line, you will most definitely enjoy this story.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Vikky.

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