by Jaci Burton

March 2004
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Dr. Jasmine “Jaz” Quinlan loves the marine mammals she works with at the California Bay Aquarium. In fact, she loves everything about the ocean and its inhabitants. In fact, she claims that she learned to swim before she could walk and she would much rather spend her time in the ocean with the creatures she loves so very much. When a dozen dolphins beach themselves, Jaz races against the clock to solve a medical mystery determined to save the gentle creatures.

Triton, a member of the ancient underwater civilization Oceana, takes his responsibilities as guardian of the dolphins very seriously, so when a pod of his charges head to the surface, Triton has no choice but to follow and try to save them. In his disguise as Dr. Tryton Sanders, he joins the team of specialists fighting to isolate the virus that is killing the dolphins. What he doesn’t plan on is his attraction to the beautiful scientist fighting to cure his friends of an elusive new virus. Long ago, Tryton swore he’d have absolutely nothing to do with land dwellers. So why can't he get Jaz out off his mind and out of his fantasies?

Jaz is drawn to Triton in a way she has never responded to any other man. She’s falling for her hot and cold-swimming colleague in a big way. When she finds out who Tryton is—and where he lives—Jaz will either think she has found an undersea paradise or a sinkhole under the sand.

The first book in Jaci Burton’s series League of 7 Seas: Dolphin’s Playground was like the waves that roll onto the beaches of the Caribbean – powerful, warm, and…well, you know! Tryton is one the best mermen I have come across – no pun intended. The story is strong from beginning to end, balancing a solid plot with great chemistry between the lead and secondary characters. Take a dip in the big ‘O’ with Jaz and Tryton. You won’t be disappointed.


Reviewed in September 2004 by Cynthia.

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