by Beverly Havlir

March 2004
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Emma Fairchild is rich, beautiful and engaged to be married. She might not love her fiancť, but the man she desires refused her years ago. Luke Forrester had good reasons for turning down Emma advances. Or so he thought. Now she is unavailable. Ready to claim her he doesnít take to well to her engagement. And when she refuses to break it off he kidnaps her. He wants ten days of submission from Emma and she agrees.

For the undiscerning readers The Abduction of Emma, is a sexy story and blistering hot. At least for those into Master/servant games. Does it satisfy others more discriminating? On an emotional level I found it lacking. And that was all the way through. What sort of man abducts the woman he loves? Drugs her and imprisons her in his basement? I found it cruel, too cruel. There is nothing sexy about not knowing where you are, how you got there and who is responsible for it. There is nothing seductive about a sore throat (from screaming) and banged up fists (from pounding the door). There is nothing erotic about being forced to trust your master. Trust should be given freely. Needs to be given freely.

Is all forgiven because he loves her and would never hurt her? I found Luke unreasonable. And what about Emma? Is cheating acceptable because she loves him? I donít believe so. Especially as I didnít see them fall in love. I can say that I definitely donít like stories where love is a given, but never shown nor explained. If crazy, wild and sweaty sex is what you are looking for, if it is the number of sex scenes that matter, than it canít get much better. Is it enough to bind Emma to Luke? Itís not enough for me to care.

Read The Abduction of Emma, if it is sex you want to read about. Leave it, if you want to read about a deep, lasting and emotional connection.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Kris Alice.

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