by Delilah Devlin

March 2004
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Vampire Joe Garcia comes to the coffee bar seeking Professor Carlson, whom he considers to be his last hope. Since he was turned he had been seeking a way to become human again. Dr. Carlson is conducting a vampire survey at the café and is considered an expert in vampire lore. Joe's online research resulted in her name popping up everywhere. If someone could help him find a solution, it was her...or so he thought.

When Dr. Lily Carlson started her sociological study and placed an ad in the newspapers, the last thing that she expected was to face such a delusional, but attractive, lunatic. Joe wants her to make him human again...and there she was, thinking that vampires were legends.

Joe follows Dr. Carlson home. He is lusting after her, and obviously, despite the fact that she didn`t believe him, she wants him as well. Shortly after she tells him that she suffers from a sexual disorder...and then he shows her that he has been telling her the truth.

Delilah Devlin`s My Immortal Knight: All Knight Long is the third title of her highly erotic Immortal Knight vampire series. In this particular book, she brings us the story of Joe Garcia, whom those of you who have read the previous title, will remember, as he played a rather important secondary character in that story. Joe is a somewhat brooding hero, as he has just been turned, and he can`t come to terms with his new circumstances. Intense, dominant, and extremely sexy Joe is a perfect Alpha.

Our heroine, Lily, is not what she seems to be. Initially disbelieving, she soon has to face the fact that vampires, as well as other supernatural entities, do exist. My Immortal Knight: All Knight Long is extremely arousing and I found myself frequently squirming on my chair. Ms. Devlin does know how to write very smooth and arousing sex scenes, meshing them well with the story. The plot has a twist that I truly loved. If you haven`t read Ms. Devlin's vamps yet, you may want to give them a try. If you decide to do so, it would be advisable to start reading the series from the beginning. All Knight Long can be read as a stand-alone but there are recurrent characters. I look forward to the upcoming installments of this excellent series.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Mireya.

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