by Dianne Castell

February 2004
ISBN: 0-373-75011-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1007
Mass Market Paperback

Tanner Davenport is flying back from Alaska for his brother Nathanís wedding. A wedding he hopes to put a stop to. Free spirited, adventurous Savannah MacKay is all wrong for straight laced, by the book Nathan and Tanner hopes to put a stop to the wedding before his brother ends up being hurt.

The attraction Charity MacKay feels for Tanner is undeniable. Heís the best thing this Kentucky girl has laid eyes on in a long time. Too bad his homeís in the frozen tundra of Alaska.

To protect her sister, Charity soon convinces Tanner she will help him stop the wedding. Tannerís been gone a long time and hasnít a clue what is best for his brother. Charity has witnessed the true love thatís blossomed between Nathan and Savannah these past few months. She just has to convince Tanner she is on his side and is as opposed to the wedding as he is.

She only has to run interference two short weeks until the nuptials. How hard can that be? Mighty hard when her hormones start talking to her telling her how sexy and available Tanner is. It doesnít help that Tannerís the biggest flirt this side of the Blue Ridge Mountains and seems to be interested in Charity as a lot more than just an ally to stop the wedding.

Dianne Castell has created a story that will have you laughing out loud from the first page. Charity and Tanner couldnít be more different and more meant to be together. Itís said that opposites attract and Ms. Castell proves that that saying is true with these two delightful characters. Charity and Tanner will capture your heart from the very beginning and will have you rooting for their HEA.

The Harlequin American Romance line symbolizes to me that I can expect a story full of small town life with heartwarming characters and a feel-good love story. Ms. Castell gives the reader all this plus many laugh out loud moments and a few sexy scenes that will leave you fanning yourself. I may never look at this imprint the same way again. The Wedding Rescue is highly recommended and I eagerly await Ms. Castellís next release. No one does cowboys or flyboys quite like Dianne.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Barbara.

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