by Meredith Bond

June 2004
ISBN: 0-8217-7593-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Sara Whately is in England to make her coming out and to find a husband. Well, finding a husband was her fatherís idea and not hers at all. She is there for only one thing, to find a treasure that her grandfather had written about and her father didnít believe.

The first meeting between Lord Reath and Sara Whately was something to see. This was definitely a fly on the wall moment, when Sara doesnít give a fig about a personís rank or station and tells him precisely what she thinks of him and his request. Sara is not intimated by Reath at all not by his rank or his imposing figure that he tries to use to his advantage.

Sara is a very outspoken and has a very quick temper that gets her into trouble on more than on occasion. She is also used to doing what she wants and isnít questioned about her whereabouts or has a chaperone with her when she goes somewhere. The whole London scene is not to her liking as she finds herself in several faux pas and it seems that when she is making a blunder or about to make a fool of herself, Reath is there to rescue her. Only she doesnít see it as that until after the fact and her temper got the better of her and Reath was raked across the carpet on several occasions.

Reath was a rake in his earlier days but has since reformed his ways. Why you ask? Because of a turn of a card that won him the estate of Lord Wyndsham, who was Saraís grandfather. Reath is trying to find Lord Wyndsham, Saraís father, to return the estate back to him. Reath now doesnít participate in a number of the past diversions since his return from India. Reath is also not sure about Sara, he finds her unique and canít seem to help himself when he is around her, to shield her from herself and trying to keep the gossipmongers at bay.

Wooing Miss Whately is a fun and easy read. You will be hard pressed to put the book down as you are drawn into the story. I enjoyed that Sara was different from the other young ladies in society. She had a mind of her own and wasnít afraid to use it or her tongue to give several people a dressing down, it just seems that Reath got the most of it. From the moment that Sara and Reath met the sparks were there only neither one of them realized it.

Wooing Miss Whately is the second in the Merry Men Quartet. Each of the men makes an appearance in the story and we learn a little bit about them. I will be looking forward to the other Merry Men.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Pam.

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