by Tracy Fobes

July 1999
ISBN: 0-671-02468-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Sonnet Books
Mass Market Paperback

So you like your heroine caring, curious and a little on the wild site? You like your hero tortured and scarred in body and soul? You believe in the power of love and that thing called magic? Well, don't I just have the book for you: Tracy Fobes's Heart of the Dove.

In this tale of revenge, love and forgiveness Tracy Fobes leads her reader in a world of witches, warlocks and tortured war heroes.

Lucinda Drakewyck, a spell weaver, and Richard Clairmont, a just returned wounded cavalry officer, are fated to be lovers. Unfortunately, their love for each other is destined to bring them death.

In the year 1593, long before Lucinda's and Richard's story takes place, in a small village not far from London, a powerful witch, Morgana Fey, is forced to part with her magical icon, a dove with a ruby heart. Put to eternal sleep and parted from her beloved husband she vows that the day will come, when a Drakewyck maid and a Clairmont knave will bring her back and suffer for their ancestor's sins.

Lucinda and Richard, having involuntarily awaken Morgana, are unable to fight their destiny and growing attraction for each other, ever drawing closer to the moment of Morgana's revenge.

As most events in this tale are already predestined to happen, the reader might find the story lacking in suspense. Of course, Tracy Fobes makes more than up for it with an impeccable research that enables her to draw the reader into a world not often enough explored by romance writers. Constantly capturing all the reader's senses with vivid descriptions and an excellent eye for details. Tracy Fobes has talent with an obvious understanding of writing techniques and a voice to envelope the reader in a dark and very romantic atmosphere.

She had me emotionally involved throughout the story, as far as having me in tears for the ending. Nevertheless, Heart of the Dove won't end up on my keeper shelve for the reason that I would have wished for a more spirited courtship, a stronger hero and a less compassionate description of the villainess.

I'm confident that already in the very near future I will find one of Tracy Fobes upcoming books, if not all of them, to be worthy.

Read Heart of the Dove, but even more watch Tracy Fobes's talent grow and mature with her books to come.

Reviewed in July 2001 by Kris Alice.

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