by Robin Wells

June 2004
ISBN: 0-505-52536-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Holt Landen was about to receive the biggest surprise of his well-ordered, contemporary lifestyle. Yes, Holt had everything under control, ‘plan, prioritize and focus’ was his motto . . .well at least it was until his secretary told him he had a call on the line from the Dallas Police Department.

Holt was a sensuous man, but he never looked for, nor wanted commitments or entanglements. He kept his private life simple. He liked to work hard and enjoyed all the creature comforts life had to offer because of it. Now, one of his brief, but satisfying encounters with the opposite sex was about to come back to bite him in the ass. Sometimes, life — in spite of all your best-laid plans - has a way of forcing you to stop and take a big reality check.

Enter big-hearted, late bloomer, and former fatty Stevie Stedquest. Thirty-one, highly educated, disillusioned with love, Stevie had only one dream. She wanted to be a mother more than she wanted anything else in her very predictable humdrum life. In fact, her biological clock was ticking so loud every crocodile in the remote bayous of Louisiana could hear it. But, Stevie also had rules for herself, that absolutely must be adhered to. Number one: ‘avoid babe magnets.’ Number two: ‘avoid men with a history of hit-and-run romances.’ Number three: match a man’s actions with his words.

Tonight, it seemed those rules might be a tad premature. After just stepping out of the elevator at work, she heard a very deep masculine voice from across the street call out. “Oh dear,” she thought, just what I need, another “crazed listener” to deal with. Stevie had just finished up a really, really bad night on her radio talk show “Parent Talk,” and she sure wasn’t up to another angry confrontation about her childless status. But soon the voice emerged out of the shadows, and with the voice came a “head-turningly handsome—the kind of handsome that made women drool, the kind of handsome that Stevie had vowed to avoid like the plague” man. And behind the man Stevie could hear the muffled scream of a baby, coming from inside his black BMW. Stevie’s future daughter, and Attachment Disorder sufferer . . .Isabelle

In Robin Wells’ The Babe Magnet, fate will bring together three people who desperately need one another — a man, a woman, and a baby. The title of this book is pertinent, but the story encompasses so much more. I do have one slight complaint. At times I worried that the secondary characters might take over the story, and that some readers might perceive it as a tad too preachy. But Ms. Wells craftily adds the substance and an endearing moral to the story and recovers it well. The secondary characters, mainly both sets of parents, add a lot of wisdom, but I have to say (in all honesty) I wanted to linger in the company of Isabelle, Stevie and Holt much longer and sometimes resented their intrusion.

I highly recommend The Babe Magnet and any other Robin Wells novels you happen to come across. She can make you laugh, cry and suffer a hot flash in short order. She can, and will deliver a captivating fun read!

Reviewed in May 2004 by Janice.

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