by Kate Douglas

March 2003
ISBN: 1-59596-0007
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Alexandria Oranet is having a bad day. It's not as if walking in on her fiancťe with his face buried between the thighs of another woman, in her own bed mind you, wasnít bad enough, now she gets run off the road by a speeding eighteen wheeler in the middle of a blizzard. Itís a good thing she is on vacation for the next two weeks. It will give her a chance to take a good look at her life and decide what she wants. But first she has to not freeze to death. Waking up warm and cozy, Xandria isnít sure where she is or who sheís with, but she feels a connection with the man against her back that she is more than willing to explore to its fullest.

Stefan Aragat has a secret, secluded and celibate for five years, he finds a beautiful woman lying in the snow. He canít let her die and it has been a while since he has been close to anyone other than his friend and companion, Oliver. When she accepts his advances without seeing his face, Stefan is afraid to believe that he could have finally found the one woman in the world who wouldnít go running from him in terror. You see for his arrogance and pride, he was transformed by a powerful wizard and until he apologizes, he will stay forever in the form of a beast. Will animal attraction be enough to keep her with him long enough to fall in love?

Stefan and Alexandria are wonderful, likeable characters. With obstacles to overcome, they deal with each other honestly and openly. It is very refreshing. Some people might be a little put off by the fact that Stefan shares many physical characteristics with a wolf, but for me it made the retelling of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast more realistic. Makes you wonder if Beauty would have really stuck around if the Beast hadnít transformed?

Wolf Tales 1-Stefan is the first story in a new series written by author Kate Douglas for the new epublishing line, Changeling Press. If the rest of the offerings by this fledgling company are anything like this one, they have definitely found a new reader.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Carolyn.

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