by Patricia Waddell

June 2004
ISBN: 0-821-77502-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

He Said Now is the third in the Gentlemanís Club series by Patricia Waddell. The story is about Lord Ackerman. We do get to see glimpses of the other three gentlemen and of course Lord Moreland.

Hilary is considered a spinster by the standards of the ton and she isnít missing anything or so she thinks until she meets Lord Ackerman, Fitch as he is known to his friends. Hilary has a heart that is full of love but she didnít know that she needed Fitch in her life. She thought she would be fine with just Lizzie, her friendsí child she is the guardian of and Fitchís daughter. That is until the fateful meeting between these two that set the story into motion and the circumstances that bring them together. Hilary is independent, speaks her mind, tells the truth even when it can cause damage to her or others and is very stubborn. But she also melts with just a look, touch from Fitch along with just him talking.

Fitch, Lord Ackerman, is a very solemn man, also very proud and very stubborn as well. He is trying to get on with his life and thinks that by marriage to Hilary and being with his daughter that he can move forward. But it doesnít work that way. He canít let go of his past and he doesnít see the hurt or understands that Hilary is trying to help him. He is a man and very private with his feelings and his past. He is convinced he canít let that part of him go and thinks he can continue the way he has been with his memories after he marries Hilary. But the memories are not letting him live they are keeping him trapped.

He Said Now is a very touching story of what one will do and go to any lengths to help those they love. That is exactly what Hilary does; oh she does it on her own, but then must face the consequences once Fitch finds out and he does find out. Can the strength and the determination of Hilary alone and letting Fitch know her heart finally bring Fitch around? Or is he forward doomed to his memories? Even though the marriage is on rocky grounds they do not have a problem in the bedroom. As they are both physically attracted to one another and it shows.

Patricia Waddell has given us a story that shines and gives us hope that love can conquer all. He Said Now will keep you entertained until the end and the pages turning until the last page. We are able to feel the pain and heartache that Hilary is feeling as well as some of the turmoil that Fitch is going through. After this story of hope and finding love when one least expects it, Iím wondering what Ms. Waddell has in store for the last bachelor, Viscount Rathbone in He Said Never.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Pam.

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