by Audrey Godwin

May 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-355-4
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Audrey Godwin has penned a spine tingling tale of lust and love. One woman must find a way to survive and find the love that her heart has been waiting for.

Jennifer Duquesne wakes up to find that she has no memory. The man who claims to be her husband produces nothing but fear in her heart. She canít stop thinking about Stefan, her husbandís brother. It seems that for some strange reason, her mother-in-law hates her. Jennifer finds herself treading lightly through the secrets that haunt Sangraal, her husbandís family home. As she gives into the temptation that Stefan offers, Jennifer canít help but wonder if sheís heading for more trouble than she can handle.

Lance Duquesne canít believe how unlucky he is. He had thought that he was out from under the heavy hand of his mother and the unrelenting rivalry of his brother. Returning to Sangraal is proving him wrong. His anger and hatred grows as he watches his young bride succumb to Stefanís attentions. He will fight Stefan for Jennifer even if it means he has to kill him. Stefan seduces his brotherís wife and finds that his heart is falling in love with her. What can he do to keep her safe from Lanceís violent jealousy?

Magda Duquesne has watched her sons grow into men. She has protected them and corrupted them. She wonít allow some woman to come between them all now. Not when the chance to lift the curse they have been living under is near. Will the curse be lifted or will disaster strike?

Ms. Godwin does well in writing a dark story with a gothic feel to it. All the characters are suitably sinister. I didnít feel any sympathy for any of them though and Iím not sure where the romance was in this story. At the beginning, the reader is abruptly dropped into the story and never feels like they understand the whole background of the story. Brothers Of The Night has a marvelous gothic touch, but might leave the reader confused by the end.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Jenni.

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