by Linda Andrews

ISBN: 1-894942-40-X
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Brighid Garvey, with the help of her Grandmother's ghost, is striving for freedom. If it weren't for her Gran trying to make Brighid into a good samaritan then she, toddler Gillian, and Brighid's newborn, could already be on the train heading for California. Brighid's soft heart is easily led by Gran. She saves a man being beaten up by Three Fingers McGuire and his thugs. The man seems more concerned with the duffle bag he is carrying than his own hide. Brighid soon learns the reason why. He is carrying a baby in the bag.

Everett Grey needs Brighid. He was grateful she had saved his life, but now he needed her for an altogether different reason. As a wet nurse and nanny to his Brianna.

Experience has taught Brighid that men cannot be trusted. Circumstances, however, force Brighid to follow Everett Grey. With her being on the run from her baby's cruel father and Three Fingers McGuire believing he owned her, Brighid chose the lesser of the evils. She agrees to go with Everett to California. Everett, Brighid, two babies, a toddler, and a ghost make their way to San Francisco. Life is not easy for the misfit family. The Irish are not welcome in many places which makes it nearly impossible for Brighid to provide for her family. Everett Grey comes to the rescue for a second time. He proposes a real marriage, eliminating the need for Brighid to be the breadwinner.

Both Everett and Brighid have been hurt badly. It is not easy for them to trust one another, but each other is all they have. Secrets must be revealed before they can be a true family and before they can actually help the other with what has driven them to seek freedom.

Ghost of a Chance is a sweet story. The author has succeeded in bringing forth characters a reader can care about. Thus creating a reason for the reader to turn the next page as well as leaving the desire to find out how the ragtag family got what they deserved. The freedom to love. Readers, prepare to be charmed.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Rho.

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