by Audrey Godwin

January 2004
ISBN: 1-588-73318-1
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Audrey Godwin introduces us to a woman who learns to rely on herself after everyone else has left her. In Midnight Mistress, we find that the past will always affect the future if we donít let go of it.

Brandi Heartt walks away from a horrible childhood to recreate herself in Los Angeles. Wiping the dust of Georgia off her bare feet, she becomes one of the top disc jockeys on the radio. Along the way she has closed her heart off from love. No man can get close to her without memories rising from the dead to stop her from reaching out. When she quits her job at the L.A. radio station sheís been working at, she gets a job in Savannah, Georgia. Will the memories become worse when she returns home?

Barry Schorr loses his job after Brandi quits the station he manages. He blames her for his getting fired and sets out to teach her a lesson. Following her to Savannah, he sets out on a course to bring her to her knees. Every man Brandi meets at her new job canít seem to forget about her, but none can get close to the icy woman. She meets Coy Grantrelle, the janitor at the Savannah station. Coy is supposed to be mentally challenged, but Brandi sees something in him that makes her trust him.

While Barry and the other men Brandi has scorned plot to destroy her life, she is falling in love with Coy. Her past is beginning to take a stronger hold on her emotions and itís driving a wedge between her and the man she loves. When she finally learns to face her past, will the secrets that are revealed destroy everything she loves?

Ms. Godwin shows us how the past can continue to cause problems in our lives. Brandi has cut herself off and created a new being from the ashes of the child she had been. Unfortunately, even after knowing what she had gone through, this reader couldnít really muster up much sympathy for her. The agony of Brandi trying to deal with her problems because sheís losing Coy is portrayed with intense vividness. Even though Brandi does fall in love, there doesnít seem to be much romance involved with the relationship. Some readers might be offended by the one sex scene in the story, which is a Ďforced seductioní though she ends up enjoying it. With Brandiís background, this reader isnít sure why she would continue to want Coy. Brandi is a female character who has learned to survive the worst life can throw at her.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Jenni.

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