by Barbara Karmazin

ISBN: 1-931761-74-4
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Have you ever wondered if there are creatures out there who live among us? Creatures that look human, but are more than just mere humans. Beings that because of who and what they are, have to hide the very things that make them unique. We are introduced to such beings in Barbara Karmazinís amazing science fiction novel, Covenants.

Bridget OíKeefe is heading Lacrimas, North Carolina where she will be a physician at a clinic for three years. When she arrives, she meets Lily Harker, the leader of the mysterious Harker family. As Bridget adjusts to living in a small rural town, she begins to hear legends and tales about the Harkers. The townspeople seem to be in awe of them, but they also seem to have a healthy respect for them.

The more time she spends with the Harkers, the safer Bridget begins to feel. Soon, she finds herself being courted by the mysterious Nathaniel, one of Lilyís brothers. She isnít allowed to see his face, but they talk and Bridget begins to see inside him. She finds herself falling in love. Yet she is also attracted to Shiloh, Lilyís other brother.

How will Bridget reconcile herself to the man she loves? She might not have the time to decide for danger is coming to Lacrimas and only the family she has come to call her own will be able to save her.

Ms. Karmazin has created a fascinating world with believable characters that become like friends. The reader canít help but sympathize with all of them as they have to wade through an emotional minefield to reach the peace that love brings. The story is well paced. The slower parts are fitting as Bridget learns to see with not just her eyes, but with her heart as well. Nathaniel and Shiloh learn to take a chance with their hearts. The world of the Harkers is complex and enthralling that the reader wonít want to leave it.

Covenants is a wonderful story about how we are all connected by the promises we make and keep. It shows that the oaths we swear our love by can create bonds that will never be broken.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Jenni.

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