by Barbara Karmazin

ISBN: 0-9706913-4-3
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In Covenants by Barbara Karmazin, we were introduced to the intriguing world of the Sidhe. They are an unusual species that aren’t quite human with wonderful and fascinating differences that turned into legends through the centuries. We move forward several years and meet Cait O’Keefe, the daughter of the threesome we met in Covenants.

Cait O’Keefe is longing to get to the Pot of Gold, an asteroid she thinks will give her some background into where her foremothers came from all those centuries ago. While she’s training with the equipment she’ll need to use in the mining job, she must deal with the unwanted attention of men. These men believe that just because her mother had two husbands that made Cait an easy target. The bruises they carry show she isn’t as easy as they would wish her to be. As the time to head for the asteroid approaches, Cait finds herself in the middle of a love triangle she isn’t sure how to get out of or even if she wants to.

Indio de Arroyo has fallen head over heels in love with Cait. Her innate sensual presence tends to drive any other thoughts from his mind. The fact that she can overlook the hideous scars that mar his body makes her all the more alluring to him. Yet, when danger looms and he has to trust her to protect his daughter, he finds out that her strength and courage attracts him even more. Tiny Barnett is Indio’s best friend. He also falls in love with Cait, but their age difference stops him from acting on his feelings. The relationship between his best friend and the woman he loves begins to break Tiny’s heart. Then he realizes that he might just have a chance if he’s willing to rearrange his thinking about love.

Ms. Karmazin immerses the reader into a wild and amazing world of technology. She also brings to life old legends and gives new explanations about them. Her characters have great emotional depth and flexible minds that accept new ideas without too many questions. Cait is a strong woman who can take care of herself. She knows what she wants, but won’t destroy friendships or relationships to get it. Indio and Tiny are sensitive males who find that the truth about love is that there is no limit to how many you can love. The pacing is fast and entertaining.

Down Came A Blackbird is a tale teaching the reader that once we give a piece of our heart, there is no getting it back and it doesn’t matter how many we love as long as we love them with our entire heart. I look forward to the next intriguing book from Ms. Karmazin

Reviewed in July 2004 by Jenni.

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