by Blair Bancroft

February 2004
ISBN: 0-451-21007-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Blair Bancroft is as “at home” in the Regency as any of the Patronesses of Almacks. And she continues to demonstrate this comfort in her newest book, A Season For Love, which entrances, charms, and lures the reader back with her to the days of Dukes, carriages, rogues and enchanting young women.

Prime amongst these characters are Lady Caroline Carlington, and her father, the Duke of Longville. In an interesting twist, these two vie for prime position in this novel, both being enmeshed in love affairs and doing their best to sort out their feelings while the swirl of the Regency rushes headlong towards its seminal moment - Waterloo.

Caroline is a delight. Bright, opinionated and quite determined never to wed, she has a hard time overcoming the failure of her parents’ marriage, and uses it as her measure of relationships. The Duke, on the other hand, has just remarried. He too is basing many of his assumptions on his prior intimacies, and he too has some serious re-evaluating to do. Leave it to young Viscount Tony Frayne and the new Lady Longville, Jen, to straighten these two out and set their hearts on the right path at last.

In a delightful dance worthy of any Regency Ball, Ms. Bancroft interweaves her characters into one fresh and cohesive romance, letting each find their desires in an effortlessly smooth narrative. A hint of the sensual permeates the Duke’s relationship, and contrasts nicely with Caroline’s reluctance to allow Tony’s courtship. This is a lovely read for any Regency romance fan, and is highly recommended. If you’ve never tried one before, I can’t think of a better one to start with. Blair Bancroft has captured the Regency and has a firm grasp on its nuances and idiosyncrasies. You’ll be reaching for your gloves and fan by the end of this book, and doing so with a smile.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Celia.

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