by Dixie Kane

July 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7246-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Even though Lily Redmond was named after her wild, free-spirited grandmother, she has always walked the straight and narrow line to please her parents. This adherence to doing the right thing has even allowed her to accept a marriage proposal from a man she does not love.

When Lilyís grandmother, Lillian, decides to write her memoirs and in the process, digs up an unsolved murder, Lily meets Sam Spade Hunter, a handsome but relationship shy private investigator, whom she finds disturbingly attractive. In fact, Sam makes Lily feel more with one glance than her fiancť ever has.

As Sam and Lily fight their attraction for one another, they are confronted by hired guns who will do anything to keep the past buried. Will Lily and Sam realize that the truth stands before them in their hearts or will they forever be separated by unspoken words?

Chasing Lily, is perhaps an adventure which is best left not traveled. The mix of generations, Lilyís story blended in with Lillianís, is both annoying and distracting. The story came across as too fanciful, almost like a bubble gum romance, one thatís good for only about three minutes and then loses its flavor.

None of the leading characters are overly engaging, not even Lillian. Reading about grandmaís sex life is far from thrilling. Possibly the most exciting character in the entire novel is Samís brother, Phil, and his role is sadly minimal.

With a weak story line and unexciting dialogue, unfortunately Chasing Lily is not worth the pursuit.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Natasha.

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