by Sandra Steffen

July 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7132-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Welcome to Harmony Hills, Georgia. Sit back, sip some sweetened tea and watch what happens when the prodigal son returns home.

Nick Proffit has come home. He is two years too late for his brother’s funeral, but he wants to pay his respects to Craig’s widow. Jenna was the only woman Nick ever loved, but, she had chosen his brother. The town has never accepted Nick as one of their own, so he has gone out of his way to prove them right. Now that he’s back, he plans on visiting Jenna for a little while and heading out again. As far as he’s concerned there’s nothing to keep him in Harmony Hills. Or there wasn’t, until he sees Jenna again.

Jenna Proffit thinks things are bad when her husband dies unexpectedly. Then ugly rumors about Craig start traveling around the small town and she finds out who her friends really were. Two years after the worst time in her life, Nick shows up. He had been her best friend for so long until she married Craig. Will her heart thaw enough to open up to love again?

There’s something strange about the rumors. Nick and Jenna decide to work together to find out the truth. Will finding justice for a man they both loved work to unite them? Or will Nick always think he’s second best?

This is a story that takes its tempo from the slow Southern summer days. The tension that arises comes from the relationship between Jenna and Nick. The slight mystery isn’t very suspenseful or intriguing. The depth of the story is the way Nick works out his problems of always having to live up to-or down as the case may be,to everyone’s expectations of him. He grows and matures enough to face his jealousy and finally accept himself and his faults. Jenna is a strong woman whose faith in her husband and Nick are what drives her to love both of them. She doesn’t let malicious rumors and snobbery get her down.

Sip slowly on your drink, let the night sounds relax you and keep turning the pages of 317 Beulah Street, by Sandra Steffan. You’ll find a sweet and touching love story.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Jenni.

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