by Elizabeth Thornton

2003 Reissue
ISBN: 0-8217-7494-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

During one of her smuggling rounds Caitlin is caught by Lord Randal. Thankfully, her cloak covered her face and he thought she was part of the “entertainment” planned for him and his male guests that night. His being half drunk helped as well. Right when he was about to uncover her identity, she is “saved” by David Randal, Lord Randal`s cousin.

Months after the incident, Iain Randal can`t forget that mysterious girl that David saved from his clutches. Time and again he has tried to find out her name, to no avail. After a bloody battle, David Randal manages to save his cousin`s life, losing his in the process. Before he passes away Lord Randal asks David what does he want. He tells Iain that the girl is “a Randal of Glenshiel”. Iain promises that he will look for her.

On his way back to Scotland, Iain`s carriage is stolen. In the confusion, he sees what he thinks is a child and he decides to go in pursuit. He does not know that the child is Caitlin. She manages to escape.

Highland Fire is the first of Elizabeth Thornton's titles that I ever read. I must say that I was quite glad to have picked up this book for review. This Regency-set historical romance has beautifully drawn characters, an enthralling plot, and it is quite nicely paced. It provides enough action to keep the reader glued to its pages from the beginning. Caitlin is not your standard gorgeous, naïve heroine. Caitlin is attractive but not beautiful, however, she has a strong personality. As an illegitimate child she has had to endure quite a lot throughout her life. Lord Randal is the uber Alpha male. High born and bred, he IS power, has power, and knows how to use it. He always manages to get what he wants. When Randal falls for Caitlin, he becomes quite single-minded. Highland Fire is a little bit longer than other similar books, but it does have all the ingredients necessary to keep the reader`s attention from the get-go. I certainly look forward to reading more of Ms. Thornton`s books.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Mireya.

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