by Candice Poarch

July 2003
ISBN: 1-58314-350-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

The men and women of our military deserve many thanks for serving our country. In honor of those brave souls, Arabesque introduces a new four book series, At Your Service. Courage Under Fire by Candice Poarch is part of it.

Arlene Tafts is learning how to survive. After her husbandís death, she has moved on. She is slowly mending her heart and solidifying her feelings over a shocking betrayal. Sheís not sure if she will ever be able to trust another man again. Serving as a nurse in the Army, Arlene is called to duty the terrible day of September 11. Her new patient is none other than Lieutenant Colonel Neal Allen, a childhood nemesis. As she helps him heal, she begins to feel her heart thaw.

Neal Allen doesnít feel like a hero. He is only doing his duty when he helps rescue people from the Pentagon. The handsome soldier doesnít know that his injuries will bring him back in touch with the girl he had a crush on all those years ago. But Neal is carrying a terrible secret. Will he be able to help Arlene move beyond her hurt and anger? Will their love be enough to overlook the past and look towards the future?

Neal Allen is a soldier we can all be proud of. Heís strong and sensitive. His enduring love for Arlene helps him overcome the obstacles that are thrown in their path. Any man in uniform is worthy of honor. Arlene is a mature woman who understands the answers to her problems. Itís working through the mistrust and pain that makes it hard to accept them. She comes across as competent and heart warming. The story is develops at a brisk pace. The secondary characters are great especially April, Nealís niece.

Learning how to forgive and forget like Arlene and Neal is the best example of Courage Under Fire.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Jenni.

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