by Christine Feehan

August 2004
ISBN: 0-515-13809-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dahlia has always been alone. With the ability to attract and manipulate the energy around her, she is a valuable asset to the NCIS, Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Her main job is to retrieve data lost or stolen from the government, but something went wrong on her last job. When she returned home, someone was already there and her family was gone. The only one left was Jesse, her handler, but he had been captured and tortured and was being used as bait to trap and kill her. But what she didnít expect was to be rescued by a man with the peculiar ability to make her laugh.

Nicolas Trevane was a Ghostwalker. A member of an elite group of military men who had volunteered for an experiment to expand their psychic abilities. When they were betrayed and someone started trying to kill them, they banded together to help each other and find others like them. When Dr. Whitneyís tapes of a young Dahlia were discovered, it was determined that Nico would go and bring her in because he is an anchor, able to dampen the wild energy generated that surrounds them. And with Dahlia able to set fire to things when she is on overload, he is just the man for the job. But Nico is about to meet the one person in the world who could shake his legendary control. The strange thing is he isnít complaining.

Nicolas and Dahlia are strong, independent, capable and deeply passionate. When thrown together in a situation neither is sure how to handle nor are comfortable with, they handle the stress and confusion in a wonderfully awkward yet mature manner. There is none of that I am leaving you for your own good bull. Itís great to see a couple whom, although scared and unsure about how to handle unfamiliar emotional territory, are willing to try and do whatever it takes to make their relationship work. Dahlia has her own issues, after all, she has spent her whole life isolated and alone with just paid companions on a small island in the bayous of Louisiana. Not believing she is lovable because everyone has been afraid that she will set him or her on fire. Nico has spent so much time burying his emotions beneath seas of calm that he isnít sure how to handle a woman like Dahlia. His instincts are to protect her and to keep her safe, but she isnít having any of that. I fell in love with his acceptance of whom and what she is a Ghostwalker. With assassins, snipers and a traitor on their tail, Dahlia, Nico and the other Ghostwalkers are about to let it be known that they protect their own.

I loved this book; Ms. Feehan has given us a riveting tale full of action, intrigue and passion set against the backdrop of the sultry Louisiana bayous. Book two in her Ghostwalkers series, Mind Game lives up to its name.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Carolyn.

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