by Lori Foster

July 2004
ISBN: 0-8217-7513-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra
Mass Market Paperback

Bruce Kelly has always done the right thing. As a minister, he has helped people start their lives over and offered guidance whenever needed. Now itís his turn to start over. He is building a church in the little town of Visitation, North Carolina, where his twin brother Bryan has settled with his new wife Shay, whom we met in The Secret Life of Bryan. While on his way back to Visitation from visiting old friends in Ohio, he runs across a young woman who is about to change his outlook on life in totally unexpected ways.

Cynthia Potter has been on her own for a long time. At first on the run from an abusive home and then as a prostitute just trying to survive. Well she has finally saved enough money to start over, and that means, the only thing she does on her back is sleep and alone at that. That is until she runs into a man willing to give her a ride with no strings attached, that is until she finds out he is a preacher. She has never had good luck with preachers, as far as she is concerned, they are all corrupt hypocrites and she wants nothing to do with him. But there is something different about Bruce Kelly. Besides the fact that he is heading to Visitation just like she is, he hasnít made a wrong move yet. Maybe he really is different. When an old ghost comes back to haunt her, Cyn will find that heroes really do exist.

Bruce and Cyn are a rather mismatched couple. The old clichť of the saint and the sinner is definitely in effect here. Ms. Foster does rather well in not making them stereotypical characters. She has managed to make them real people with faults, fears and desires. Bruce isnít your typical minister and Cyn is not your typical hooker with a heart of gold. In fact, she is just a scared young woman who felt that selling her body was the only way to survive and make enough money to start her life over again.

My only initial quibble was the age difference between Bruce and Cyn. Bruce is 35 and Cyn is 22. While she is mature and has lived a life that was not innocent and carefree, I had a bit of a hard time getting used to the thirteen year age difference. As the story unfolded and the characters developed it became clear that this couple works and that age really is just a number. The day When Bruce Met Cyn was the best day of both their lives and one they will always remember.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Carolyn.

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