by Sahara Kelly, Kate Douglas, Lani Aames, Ravyn Wilde, Doreen DeSalvo, Lora Leigh

March 2004
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Sahara Kelly starts the anthology off with Joshua 4.0. Andrea Jane Thompson (Andy) has been approved as one of four beta testers for the "Model Man" software. As a condition for home testing she has agreed to allow her activity to be monitored. As Andy has fun with her new Joshua, its designer, Josh Miles, monitors the activity of the beta testers from his computer. A tester`s activity catches his attention: Andy. After he witnesses firsthand how she uses the software, he decides to meet Ms. Thompson face to face. This story brings us Sahara Kelly`s trademark sense of humor and highly erotic storytelling. Fun and erotic are certainly two adjectives that most definitely apply to this story. If you are a lover of The Sims, trust me, you will not want to miss this one ;-)

Barbarian by Kate Douglas is the next story. Two years after Bry McKenzie mistakenly captured and tortured the Barbarian, she can`t still emotionally recover from the toll her error took on her. She had believed the Barbarian to be the leader of a sex-slave cartel, but he turned out to be an undercover agent of the Federation and she blew his cover...or so she thinks. After quitting her commission, she is slowly wasting away. Jacob Hart has been patiently waiting for a chance at retribution against Bry. Thanks to her, in two years he has not been able to reach a climax, and it hasn`t been for lack of trying. This story is the most emotionally intense of the collection. With elements of BDSM, it may not appeal to everyone; however, I found it extremely erotic and well rounded.

Lani Aames contribution is Manimal. As Kelsey Locke tries to find her way to her friend Dee`s family cabin, running away from an unwanted suitor, a snowstorm hits just as she is about to reach her destination. As she approaches the cabin, Kelsey sees what she thought was a furry animal of some sort, when all of a sudden, a naked man crosses her path and she loses control of her SUV. Realizing that the man needs help, Kelsey approaches him and to her surprise, she ends up facing the man that has been occupying her thoughts. This story`s elements of suspense made it quite enjoyable. The ending was slightly rushed, and I felt that the premise would have made for an excellent full-length plot, but it did not detract from my enjoyment of it.


Ravyne Wilde gives us A.D. 2003: Adam & Eve. As Eve steps out of her lab she realizes that a Lupine Moon will be rising that evening. Despite the fact that she has managed to protect herself from the potential complications and inconvenience a mating would bring to her life, this time, out on her own she runs out of luck. Adam has been searching for his mate for years. Over the past couple of months he has come really close to finding her...this time he succeeds. This is a shapeshifter/futuristic story that is a fun and erotic read. Although the story is extremely appealing the ending felt a bit rushed and gives the impression that there will be a sequel...and it would most definitely be a sequel that I would love to read.

Up next is At His Mercy by Doreen DeSalvo. Faith Hartley meets board member Jake McIntyre over dinner. He is the last obstacle that she needs to overcome to obtain the university grant that she needs to do her study on "intuitives" or psychics. Jake is a skeptic, but he intends to give Faith the chance to prove herself. The last thing he was expecting was to be so attracted to her and to end up sharing a rather unusual experience with her. In this paranormal story the reader is literally drawn to the sexual magnetism the two main characters have for each other. This story is what I call a "tactile" read as that mutual magnetism is almost palpable.

Time-Share: Amelia`s Journey by Lora Leigh is the final story. Commander Saber Madison, Major Mike Tennison, and botanist Amelia Collins crash land in a planet which is quite similar to Earth. However, after months of being stranded, the planet seems to be having an unusual effect on the castaways and they soon will need to reach an agreement of sorts to be able to cope. Just one word for this short story: scorcher. In this one we get a threesome story that literally burns the pages of the book. Although the story does have the main leads falling in love with each other, it centers mostly on the sexual dynamics (emotional and physical) of the trio.

Ellora`s Cavemen Tales from the Temple I is an anthology that has something for everyone. We have paranormal, futuristic, sci-fi, and shapeshifter stories that keep forcing the reader to reach for buckets of ice to keep the temperature at a tolerable level. I believe that this is one of the most erotic anthologies that I`ve read so far. All of the characters are attractive and the premises original and nicely developed, although this is a collection of short stories. I didn`t find the anthology lacking in any way, although a couple of the stories would have benefited from extra length, however, I certainly enjoyed the anthology and definitely recommend it. I look forward to read the upcoming three collections in this series.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Mireya.