by Lori Bryant-Woolridge

January 2004
ISBN: 0-06-054059-1
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Trade Paperback

Melanie Hitts is an up-and-coming, African American interior decorator, engaged to a charming man she fell in love with after a whirlwind courtship. At their engagement party, her fiancť, Will Freedman, gives her a gift of a new house in an upscale neighborhood of Washington D.C. without asking whether she wants to live there or not. Melanie is offended by Willís assumption that sheís willing to accept such an elaborate gift, especially when she wants to reside in Manhattan, and publicly breaks up with Will on the spot.

Determined to make her career dreams come true, Melanie moves to Manhattan and starts work at a small design studio. When the world renowned architect, John Carlson, hires her to work on a new motel with him, Melanieís future is set.

But Melanie starts to fall in love with the older, white, internationally famous architect, disregarding his twenty-three year marriage. And now her ex-fiance is hot on her trail, refusing to give her up. Who will Melanie chose? Will she destroy Johnís marriage for her own happiness? Or will she go back to Will?

Hitts And Mrs, is written in many different points of view, and the reader never knows whose head theyíll be in next. They are even able to get involved intimately in Melanieís room-mateís budding romance. I really didnít care for some parts of Hitts And Mrs, but it is probably one of the better African-American romances Iíve read thus far.

If you like chick lit and romance combined, pick up this book today. It has kind of a chick lit feel, even though Iím categorizing it as romance.

Reviewed in May 2004 by Laura.

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